Vermouth "Com el d'Abans" White

Vermouth "Com el d'Abans" Blanco

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Origin: Reus- Catalonia

Volume: 15%

Format: 70 cl

Since 1980, Club del Cep work for culture del wine and among other products that we have, the vermouth "Com el d'Abans" is an emblematic brand of the house and one of the references in the country.

It was designed by its founder the Mr. Joaquin Cervera together with the master makers of Reus, capital del vermouth.

A formula that will surprise you, as it perfectly combines good base wines and the herbs that hide their secret.

Easy to drink, nothing heavy, everything at the right point, and very interesting for the world of cocktails, to combine. We prepare it and recommend drinking it with ice and a touch of orange! They can also prepare a delicious Negroni!

It's the real vermouth from before! We hope you enjoy it!