Vermell (Penedes)

Vermell (Penedés)

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Origin: Penedès

Variety: 100% red xarel·lo (also known as pink xarel.lo).

Genetic mutation del xarel lo white. It is a very rare grape variety. They are old vines, over fifty years old, which produce little grapes but with better concentration. The difference is that it has a thicker red skin, which if it is harvested with a good maturation gives us greater aromatic complexity.

Its aromas delicates and the marked saline character make it ideal to accompany soft cheeses, shell shellfish, oysters, fresh pasta, mushrooms, fish carpaccios and salads.

Wine suitable for vegans. No product of animal origin is used in its preparation.

On the palate it is full, with a smooth, silky and elegant mid palate on a mineral background. Persistent and salty aftertaste.