Szamorodny 2013 Tokaj

Szamorodny 2013 Tokaj

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Tokaji Szamorodni 2013: a sweet wine with DO Tokaj from Szent Tamás wineries with the best bunches of the 2013 vintage.

What differentiates a Szamorodni from an ordinary wine is that it is made from clusters that contain a significant proportion of grapes affected by the action of a parasitic fungus.

These grapes have lost their water content and the sugar is more concentrated. Because of this, the alcoholic strength of a szamorodni wine is normally higher than that of an ordinary wine.

The elaboration of these wines is usually more complicated, since the must is not obtained so easily and more quantity is needed.

Type of wine Sweet White
Denomination Hungary
Grapes Szamorodni
Producer Pannon Tokaji
Bottle 750ml