Pickled Red Partridge 720 ml.

Perdiz Roja Escabechada 720 ml.

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Pickled red partridge packed without preservatives or additives.
Its meat, juicy and tasty, arrives at your table from the hand of Adolfo Sádaba packaged in convenient 640 g jars.

Traditional pickling: a tasty formula based on seasoning and pickling with garlic, onion, vinegar, spices, salt and oil. We avoid, in this way, having to resort to preservatives, citric acids or additives of any kind.

The red partridge is located, together with the quail or the rabbit, on the podium of the three best pickled products from the mainland. At Adolfo Sádaba, aware of its prestige, we want to offer you this bird so that you can add it to your menu for the special occasions. And it is that its meat, in addition to being characterized by its flavor and juiciness, is rich in fiber and low in calories, and also has a high contribution of the so-called essential amino acids.