Palo Tunnel of Mallorca

Palo Túnel de Mallorca

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Palo Tunel is a liquor used at first as a healing concoction against fevers, it gradually became a liquor as peculiar as it was typical of Mallorca. Its dark color and bittersweet taste due to the sugar mixture torrada With a wood fire, they have served both as an aperitif and as a dessert. It can be drunk down with soda, served with ice, or just plain.

His story is as fascinating as it is fantastic. PaloTunel is an exquisite liquor that has its origins in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, when in Mallorca there were many marshy lands and mosquitoes transmitted a terrible disease: malaria and malaria. This terrible fact led to the use del Aided cinchona extract of gentian as one of the best-performing drugs. At the end del XNUMXth century, to this “miraculous” potion of extracts, syrup (glucose or concentrated sucrose based on grape must, or dried figs, or crushed carob) was added to improve its flavor.
To make it more durable before the natural fermentation processes, alcohol was added, giving rise to the drink that we know today as Palo de Mallorca, and which also has its own geographical name. The popular Mallorcan tradition attributes to this liquor the gift of invigorating the appetite.

Throughout the ages, the elaboration del palo has been modified, and is currently made with burnt sugar, the secret of this liquor.