Lamb Leg at 7 am with Rosemary (5 servings)

Muslo de Cordero a las 7 horas con Romero (5 raciones)

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The Lamb Thigh is an ideal piece of 5 servings.

Weight approx: 1.500 Kg


Lamb meat, olive oil, wine, salt and spices.


1-Preheat oven to 180 degrees

2-Put the thigh del lamb on the tray del oven with 0.750 cl of water.

3-Cover with greaseproof paper and leave for 25 min.

4-Remove the paper and continue cooking for another 25 min.


We cook the dishes in a traditional way over low heat and 100% natural without preservatives, colorings or additives.

Later, through a gentle pasteurization process, we achieve an expiration of several months without losing quality.

We bet on local producers. Farm meat that cares for and respects the animal where its diet is a fundamental part del productive process and its breeding.

We cook. You eat it.

Store in a refrigerator.