Mascaro Cuvee Antonio

Mascaró Cuvée Antonio

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75 cl bottle. 

Cuvee Antonio Mascaro it's a cava Great Reserve Brut of the DO Cava made by the winery Antonio Mascaro. It is a blend of Parellada (50%), Macabeo (35%) and Chardonnay (15%).

The grapes used are collected from the farm More Miquel, located in the town of aiguamurcia. as Tarragona, and ownership of the winery.

Harvesting is manual and the grapes are transported to the winery in small boxes so as not to damage the bunches and prevent them from breaking and fermenting prematurely.

Once in the winery, the bunches are pressed whole and undergo alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature.

The different varieties follow this process separately and only when it is finished is the assembly carried out, which is carried out by a family winemaker.

After a second fermentation process, Cuvee Antonio Mascaro It is aged for at least 30 months in the bottle.

Cuvee Antonio Mascaro It then goes through various "remuage" processes, the method by which the yeasts are taken to the neck of the bottle for extraction.

The disgorging, with which the lees from the second fermentation are removed, and the addition of expedition liquor are the final processes through which it passes Cuvee Antonio Mascaro before being marketed.

A mask is a "warped or fantastic face that is used as an ornament in certain works of architecture." This is the symbol of the winery, which seeks to represent the idea of ​​a mythical and fantastic being.

On the one hand, half a lion: strong and beautiful. On the other, half a man: intelligent and sensitive.