Kopke 10 years

Kopke 10 years

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Manual harvest at its best, the grapes are destemmed, crushed and vinified in a careful maceration with extraction of color, tannins and aromas from the films, complemented by a permanent pumping over during fermentation. This process is carried out in tanks at a controlled temperature between 28-30ºC, until the desired Baumé is reached. In this phase, grape brandy is added (benefit), creating a fortified wine. A wine of exceptional quality, from a single vintage. It matures in wood for variable periods of time, never less than 7 years, and is then bottled by requests del market.

Grape varieties:
Old vines

Tasting notes:
Fresh in color and light amber, this unique white colheite is derived from the traditional white grapes of the Porto e Douro region. Beginning with aromas of clafouti pear and burnt sugar, this elegant port offers delicy Japanese apple-pear flavors, with accents of hazelnut, nutmeg, and orange zest. The lingering grapefruit finish provides the perfect balance for sweetness.

Tips for storing and serving:
The wine must be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, without temperature variations, and the bottle must remain in an upright position. As a natural product, Port wine is subject to creating deposits as it ages. To ensure fullness

Slightly refreshed, it expresses all the delicadeness and sophistication when paired with caramel, dried fruit and spice desserts such as caramel fondant with apple and ginger jelly, tart tatin, burnt cream, and low-intensity cheeses.