Nonino Friulian Grappa

Nonino Friulian Grappa

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There are many distillates that have their cradle in different regions of Italy. Without a doubt, the Nonino Friulana is the most representative and oldest of certain territories of this European country.

It is a brandy del grape skins of the Picolit variety. The remaining grapes are picked while they are still fresh and soft. It goes through a fermentation stage in stainless steel containers and is then distilled in stills.

It has a crystalline color, sweet licorice aromas and a strong, concentrated flavor.

To fully enjoy it, it must rest for a few minutes in an open glass. Thus, its organoleptic characteristics will be much more intense.

Nonino Friulana


  • Color: Transparent and crystalline.
  • Odor: DelIced notes of bakery mixed with an intense hint of liquorice.
  • Flavor: Soft entry and accompanied by light notes of red fruits. On the palate it is refreshing and a little vegetable. Warm and persistent finish.

PRODUCER: Nonino. Distillery founded in 1897 by Orazio Nonino in the town of Ronchi de Percoto, near the city of Udine, in northeastern Italy. In 1928 the distillery was transferred to the town of Percoto, where it is still present today. In 1973 it became known worldwide for creating a monovarietal grappa, which they called Monovitigno Nonino, revolutionizing the traditional production methods of this liquor.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Nonino Friulana is made from del pomace of the Picolit grape variety, harvested in the Friuli region. The pure and destemmed pomace is taken to the distillery once it is obtained in the racking, and is subjected to an alcoholic fermentation process in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. It is then distilled in discontinuous steam stills, following the tradition of the Nonino family. Finally, it is left to mature between 6 months and a year in stainless steel tanks so that it acquires that complex character that characterizes it.