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Gin June Spirit

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From the creators of GVINE Gin, Esprit de June is the only liqueur in the world made with a bouquet of grape blossoms, five varieties of French grape: Ugni blanc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, folle blanche and sauvignon blanc, which only bloom a few days in the month of June. Is fruit del Artisanal assembly of the liqueurs of the five grape flower distillates, which are manually collected and distilled using Florentine stills. No colorants or additives are added to this precious elixir. Incredible, long and lasting explosion of all our senses.
Transparent and bright color. Aromas of flowers and fruits, pear, apple, peach, red berries, roiboos, apricot, vanilla. On the palate it is sweet but very balanced, not cloying due to excess sweetness. The end is long and invites you to take another sip.
Bottle .70 Cl. 28º