Delamain Pale & Dry -XO

Delamain Pale & Dry -X.O.

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Delamain Pale & Dry XO is a cognac that makes  Delamain protected under the name Cognac Grande Champagne. Delamain is a historic winery. Its origins go back to the beginning del 15th century, and today the winery is in the hands of the XNUMXth generation of the family.

These cognacs are aged in very old oak barrels. 350-liter barrels, widely used, which over time have lost the sensations of wood giving way to new nuances of lemon, orange peel, flowers, ... providing a unique personality to this cognac.

Once the aging is finished, the final blend is made by mixing cognacs of similar ages. This coupage rests for a couple of years and has just been refined. Once this time has passed, old "loose" cognacs are added in small quantities to reduce the 50º of their natural graduation to the final 40º.