Cosmic Esència (Empordà)

Cosmic Esència (Empordà)

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Limited edition: 1.390 bottles

Grape: 100% white carignan

Agriculture: ecological with biodynamic criteria

Vineyard: in a 60 year old glass

Places: Prat d'Egna - L 'Estrada, Agullana (Alt Empordà)

Height: 290 m

Plot: sandy granite

Vinification: early harvest, looking for a low sugar content and a high acidity content. Maceration with skins for 4 days, pressing, and reduction del must by very slow boiling, where we will reduce the original volume by 70% by concentrating sugars and acidity. Subsequent cooling and replanting with original flower must to start a soft and slow fermentation that will last for many months until its end.

Fermentation: spontaneous (indigenous yeast)

Breeding: oxidative in open stainless tank and glass demijohns

Fermentation vessel: stainless, glass demijohns

Unfiltered, does not contain added sulfites

Residual sugars: 410 g / liter

Total acidity: 9,5 ATS

Alcoholic strength: 9%