Anise del Dry Monkey 0.70 cl.

Anis del Mono Seco 0.70 cl.

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El Anise del Dry Monkey It is an own and traditional brand of the Levante region and of the Osborne Distribuidora company. It is a liquor that is part of the culture, idiosyncrasy and celebrations of these lands full of history and has become one of the emblematic liquors of Spain.

The essential ingredient del Anise del Dry Monkey It is the grain of anise, also called matalahúva. Pure water, sugar syrup and a premium alcohol are also added. All the components are distilled in copper stills and there they develop their characteristic flavor.

To prepare the characteristic "Palomita" drinks, it must be mixed with water and a little ice.

  • Color: Anise del Dry jumpsuit is transparent
  • Smell: bouquet obtained from the essential oils of the aniseed pomegranate