Black Empeltre Muerta Olives La Gaeta

Aceitunas Negra Empeltre Muerta La Gaeta

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Container of 250 gr.
This variety has always coexisted with the farmers of Catalonia and Bajo Aragón.

Unlike most olives, this is harvested when it is ripe from mid-November to the end of December, dedicating the large sizes to canning and the small ones, generally being used for the production of oil.

We receive it in our warehouse and place it in warehouses, where we then begin the production process for a few months, until it is ready to consume.

We can consume them in many ways. The most common are with the salad, lunch, with pasta, as a pizza ingredient, with cheese canapés, and as we traditionally prepare in our land, in the appetizers in "l'esqueixada de bacallà" (cod in crumbs seasoned with tomato , onion and pepper, all cut into pieces, and black olive).

Ingredients: Empeltre olives, water, salt and aromatic herbs.